Feb '17 Congrats to PhD candidate Torin Dupper!

Dec '16 Nicole presents her work on ohmic electronic conduction in Geobacter pili and and de novo peptide nanofibers at the Boston MRS meeting.

Sep '16 Arunima's paper on rhamnolipid-mediated biofilm dispersal signaling is published in ACS Chemical Biology.

May '16 Check out Ryan's paper on a novel antiparallel coiled coil, ACC-Hex, in Biochemisty.

July '15 Congrats! Arunima is awarded the Schlumberger Foundation Female Faculty for the Future fellowship. A well-deserved honor!

Apr '14 Allon receives an Air Force Young Investigator Program award for the lab's work on biomimetic electronics

Jan '14 Congrats to Jacob and Dean on their UROP fellowship awards!

Aug '13 Allon delivers a microbial fuel cell teaching module at the MESA Lab to Lesson Plan summer program

June '13 The lab welcomes Jenny and Esther as high-school summer researchers

June '13 Welcome to the lab, Dean and Brandon!

Apr '13 John has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. Bon voyage!

Mar '13 Congrats to Nicole and John for winning NSF Graduate Research Fellowships!

Mar '13 Allon receives a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award

Mar '13 Welcome to the lab, Pratik!

Feb '13 Congrats to Zack for being selected as a 2013 ACS SCI Scholar!

Feb '13 The lab welcomes Jacob as a new undergraduate researcher!

Jan '13 Congrats to Ben and Zack on their UROP fellowship awards!

Jan '13 Many new faces: the lab welcomes Nicole as a rotation student, Debora as a visiting scholar, Tyler as a new postdoc. Dec '12 Welcome Bernice!

Oct '12 Welcome to the lab, Juliette and William!

Jul '12 Nice, full Hochbaum Lab, with nanowires and dirty microbes:
IMG_20120720_171045 IMG_20120720_171218
IMG_20120720_171301 IMG_20120720_171140

Jul '12 Welcome to the group, Zack!

Jun '12 Welcome, Trevor!

May '12 The Hochbaum Lab gets a seed grant from the UCI Environment Institute in collaboration with Prof. Jack Brouwer at the NFCRC

Apr '12 Welcome, Ben and Sun Jun!

Jan '12 Welcome to the group, Arunima, Giang, and Nima!

Jan '12 Nice, clean, empty Hochbaum Lab:
Pasted Graphic